QA Line is prepared to help you start or expand your lab operation.  In-house labs allow control over testing methodology, deliver fast results, and can significantly save money with ROI often less than a year.  We help labs with quantitative tests such as plate counts, yeast & mold, coliform and e coli testing.  We can also help with pathogen analysis such as e coli 0157:H7, Salmonella, Listeria, and STEC.  Your lab design depends on the tests desired, product and ingredient matrix, and space available for the lab.  QA Line analyzes all these components before designing the lab in order insure high quality results that make a difference.


QA Line can work with small labs from 200 sq ft up to 10,00 sq ft +.  we help with design and flow of the lab to maximize space, technician throughput and to limit sample cross contamination.  We can build inside existing spaces or have built double wide trailers that can be installed and up and running in 90-120 days.


QA Line recognizes that the DESIGN of a lab significantly improves the performance.  Put our experience to work for you!

Functional Lab for PCR analysis features Chem Surf laminates for chemical resistance, efficient storage space and drawers, and see through upper cabinets for fast retrieval of items. Perfect space for small labs performing up to 30 samples per day.


Double Wide trailer lab at approximately 1200 Sq ft.  Fast installation anywhere makes this lab a great option for labs needing a building.


Custom Incubators installed prior to sheet rock allows for a built in look when completed.  Incubators performance at .5C and can be set from 25 to 45 degrees C.

Custom lab cabinets can be configured for any space, stand up well to the rigors of anindustrial lab.  Multiple counter top materila options with the above being Corian.


Autoclave and steam generator rooms are clean and DRY when they are designed and installed correctly!